Software Engineer


2017 - Android Developer


mySA GOV is a digital alternative to credentials issued by the Government of South Australia. By integrating with existing government agencies, mySA GOV presents a user's credentials in a more secure and convenient way than the traditional plastic card.

As the sole Android developer on the project, I was responsible for both the technical design and implementation of the Android application. This included components such as authentication, integration with a RESTful API, offline support with background synchronisation, on-device encryption, credential presentation and validation, as well as automated testing.

I also developed the continuous integration pipelines and contributed to the design of the overall system architecture.

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2016 - Android Developer


Developed for ShelterSA, Pickle connects those at risk of homelessness with services near them. Using the user’s location and data obtained from a RESTful API, services nearby are shown on a map and in list. Users can then connect with or navigate to the service which suits them best.

Using location services and the user's approximate age, the services are automatically filtered and sorted to highlight the best one for quick help.

In addition to developing the app, I wrote a tutorial explaining how to implement one of the key UI controls used in the app. The tutorial is available here.

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2016 - Lead Software Engineer

Project Farsight was the Adelaide University Robotics Club's major project for 2016. The robot was a custom made rover base with stereo cameras attached to a pan-tilt unit. Vision from the cameras were relayed to an Oculus Rift connected to a remote laptop, allowing the operator to see what the robot could see in 3D. Head tracking was used to move the pan-tilt unit to give greater control over the robot. A leap motion was then used to remotely control the rover base, allowing the operator to control the robot completely remotely.

As the lead software engineer, I was responsible for the architectural design of the control systems and the management of the software team. I also undertook the bulk of the software development including OpenGL, Oculus, and Leap Motion integration and the development of a cross-platform build script.

Rock Marker

2016 - Android Design and Development

Rock Marker was designed to simplify a common task undertaken by farmers - navigating back to a place in a paddock. As a farmer drives over their property (during harvest for example) they will often find things which need to be fixed or removed later (like rocks, weeds, fox holes, etc.). The app uses their phone's GPS to mark their current location and then creates a file which can be shared to other devices. The app was designed to work offline and in poor internet conditions.

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3D Printer

2015-2017 - Hardware Design & Construction

I designed and built a 3D printer primarily using materials readily available at local hardware stores. It is still under active development, but it currently has a maximum build volume of 120x120x350mm and is capable of printing at layer heights as low as 0.09mm.